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An easy way to boost the nutrition in your child's meal. Providing them with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and iron to nourish their mind and body.

How do I add Yummy Tummy or Buddha Belly to my child's meal?

It's super-easy – All you do is sprinkle a tablespoon on your kid's meal and VOILA – you've made it way more nutritious. For babies just starting solids (approximately 6 months), just stir a tablespoon into their pureed fruit or vegetable once a day. And for older kids (2 years or older), just sprinkle 2 tablespoons into their smoothie or on their cereal or add it to pancakes or muffins or cookies batter. It doesn't taste like anything so you can add it anywhere. My girlfriend hides it in her meatballs.

 How should Yummy Tummy and Buddha Belly be stored?

After opening, the bags should be refrigerated.

Baby Brain Organics KIDS $16.99
Click Here for Product Details! The first years of life are vital in your child’s healthy brain and body development. By simply adding 1 tablespoon of KIDS (formerly Buddha Belly) to your child’s meal, you are providing nutritious building blocks, essential for a strong body and healthy mind.
Baby Brain Organics BABY $16.99
Click Here for Product Details! BABY is a mix of specially blended seeds designed for healthy brain and body development in children over 6 months of age. Just 1 tablespoon of BABY is a simple, healthy way to include essential protein, antioxidants and fibre in your child’s diet.

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