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Extra Healing MSM Lotion 8oz
Extra Healing MSM Lotion 8oz The Extra-healing lotion has Extra MSM and Extra tea tree oil for better antibacterial effect. The only scent comes from the natural tea tree oil.

MSM Lotion is perfect for :
Reducing pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome
Can help with some unsightly scars
Restoring elasticity to the skin, especially after sunburn
Leaving your skin soft and smooth
Reduced stress from athletic injuries

Temporary relief for:
Back pain
Muscle pain
TMJ and TMD syndrome
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Extra Healing MSM Lotion 8oz $19.99
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*****  What a great product with so many uses and benefits!   - PHPSESSID (Waterloo, Ontario)
My wife and I have been using these creams for over five years, they are great full body moisturizers and after sun lotions. In December 2009 we were on vacation in Cuba, one night after dinner I had a very upset stomach, we went back to our room where I started to have sever stomach cramps. I was rocking in the bed from the pain, I took a Tums which had no effect, and I thought it was going to be a long night when my wife had the idea to massage the NWC MSM Extra Healing Lotion on my stomach. Within minutes my stomach cramps WENT AWAY!!! It was such a great relief, I was able to fall asleep and my stomach felt great in the morning. I have no doubt that it was the MSM in the cream that settled my stomach, what a great product with so many uses and benefits.

March 21, 2019
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