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Probiotics 90 Caps
Probiotics 90 Caps Pro-Biotics Plus ® probiotic supplement is great for:
• Candida
• When on antibiotics
• Boosting natural immune defenses
• Women who douche
• Preventing Infection
• Quick recovery from illness!
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Probiotics 90 Caps $39.99
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You need 2-3 pounds of beneficial bacteria in your gut to protect against disease and illness!

Without good bacteria, our bodies are unable to digest food properly and our intestines become overrun with toxins and waste, which restrict the absorption of nutrients and set the breading ground for disease. Unfortunately every time we drink chlorinated water, coffee and alcohol, eat fatty foods, get stressed or become overly tired, we unknowingly kill the good bacteria in our bodies. Even the foods we eat to keep healthy, like meat and milk contain antibiotics, further reduce the levels of good bacteria. For most Americans this means that everyday we negatively impact our bodies' ability to stay healthy.
Probiotics are linked to long life... For centuries natives of the Balkan islands have enjoyed extraordinary long and healthy lives. It was eventually determined that their good fortune was, in part, due to the fact that they ingest large quantities of lactobacilli (good bacteria).

Infectious diseases continue to claim lives - Probiotics Plus Offers an Immune boosting solution to help you stay healthy
Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide and the third largest cause of death among Americans. Each year, more than 13 million people die from infectious diseases. Despite the large number of antibiotics available, sickness and disease continue to spread throughout the world as more and more antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and viruses continue to develop. In the United States , these super germs have come about as a result of our overuse of antibiotics. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of the 150 million antibiotic prescriptions written each year are unnecessary. As more and more people continue to overuse antibiotics, bacteria strains have now become stronger than the medicine once used to combat them. The World Health Organization stated in its World Health Report 1996, that "too few new drugs are being developed to replace those that have lost their effectiveness. In the race for supremacy, microbes are sprinting ahead."

Fact: The body's immune system is the key to preventing colds and flu, and living a healthier, longer life. Lets face it, when your immune system is strong you get sick less often and recover more quickly.

Probiotics Plus ® is a collective effort to maximize our natural immune defenses!






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April 23, 2019
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