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Schinoussa Fat Metabolite B-Complex + Liquid, Fruit Punch
Schinoussa Fat Metabolite B-Complex + Liquid, Fruit Punch Quantum Nutrition offers liquid B-complex+ Fat Metabolite as a fast-acting vitamin elixer for fat loss goals! This special blend of B vitamins works to target stress and fatigue at the cellular level.
Reloading depleted B vitamin stores helps activate energy lever, healthy fat burning, and nervous system health.
The supporting mineral chromium is clinically proven to aid in carbohydrate cravings and glucose metabolism.
Guarana and Citrus Aurantium naturally increase a sluggish metabolism for effective fat loss.
Bromelain is an enzyme known to help food digest better and reduce inflammation.
Directions: Take one tablespoon (15 mL) per day straight, added to water or in a protein shake. Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening.
Medicinal Ingredients: Guarana 250 mg, Citrus Aurantium 125 mg, Chromium polynicotinate 333 mcg, Bromelain 50 mg, Folate 133 mg, Niacin 11 mg, Vitamin B6 33 mg, Vitamin B12 333 mcg.
Non-medicinal Ingredients: Natural flavour, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid, stevia.

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Schinoussa Fat Metabolite B-Complex + Liquid, Fruit Punch - 500 mL $24.99
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April 23, 2019
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