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Schinoussa Beautiful Marine Collagen 60 Caps
Schinoussa Beautiful Marine Collagen 60 Caps Beautiful Marine Collagen makes skin become youthful, elastic and hydrated; it works within the first week for a younger healthier look. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to disappear and deeper wrinkles recede within three weeks, the face actually undergoes a visible change of youthful appearance. Beautiful Marine Collagen works inside the body to repair cracked arteries assisting against cardiovascular disease. Externally the results are cumulative and as time passes are more conclusive. Collagen could even improve the results of facelift treatments. The skin absorbs water and keeps hydrating and protecting from skin damage associated with dry skin. A vibrant glow and feel is the result of Beautiful Marine Collagen. Hair is also connective tissue that undergoes phenomonal transformations. Colour returns, strength and elasticity are obvious and texture is beautiful.

Beautiful Marine Collagen uses the finest quality of fish source. Fresh Tilapia skin and scale are obtained from high quality food source suppliers using integrity farming methods. Our scientific powdering method creates ultra micro proteins that have a very high absorption factor. Our source of preparation methods are the gold standard in Collagen. Other Collagen sources used by the competition are pig, chicken, pork and beef which are hormone fed and low absorption. Beautiful Marine Collagen is hormone free and toxic free.

- Plumps up the skin

- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

- Improves the skinís elasticity

- Produces firmer, more even-toned skin

- Achieves a glowing radiant complexion
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April 23, 2019
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